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Do Multiple Used Cooking Oils Trigger Breast Cancer?

A recent study in mice has shown that reheated cooking oil can trigger cell changes that can support late-stage breast cancer growth.

Researchers from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign have tested “thermally abused frying oil” in laboratory mice, which is repeatedly subjected to reheating at high temperatures, and found that it increases the growth of metastatic breast cancer.

The team reported these findings in the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research.

Scientists fed the entire lab rats on a low-fat diet for a week. Then, they gave some mice fresh unheated soybean oil for 16 weeks, the rest thermally abused instead.

They chose to use soy oil because the restaurant industry often uses it for frying.

They injected 4T1 breast cancer cells into one tibia of each mouse to mimic breast cancer. These breast cancer cells are very aggressive and show high metastases to very remote areas. As a result, they usually occur in the lymph nodes, liver, and lungs.

Effects of reused oil

20 days after injection of tumor cells, there was a significant difference in the rate of metastatic growth between the two groups of mice. In mice that ate thermally abused oil, the metastatic growth of tibia tumors was greater than four times that of tumors found in mice consuming fresh oil.

There were also more lung metastases in the old group. Food scientist and human nutrition professor, leading researcher William G. Helferich, said that twice as many lung tumors are more aggressive and invasive than those in the fresh oil group.

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