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All you need to know about Express Entry for Fast Canada PR


All you need to know about Express Entry for Fast Canada PR

Here are what you need for Canada’s express entry program and how you and your family can take advantage of it to secure your permanent residence to migrate to Canada. after reading this post you will not need to spend crazy money paying an immigration consultant or agent in your efforts to get some permanent residence in Canada.


Canada has announced an ambitious post-covered recovery plan of bringing in 1.2 million immigrants as permanent residents to Canada between 2022 and 2024. this means at least 400,000 individuals will be lucky to migrate to Canada each year, starting in 2022 and one of the top immigration programs that will play a key role in bringing 1.2 million migrants to Canada is the express entry program.


what exactly is the express entry program?


Express entry is and the various types that there are data on the volume of invitation for permanent residence issued since its inception and the general eligibility criteria of the express entry program of Canada was introduced in 2015.


It is a point-based online system that uses a human capital calculator to evaluate and manage skilled workers who have the interest in migrating to Canada as permanent residents it was modeled after Newzealand and Australia’s expression of interest program express entry is simply a merit-based system that targets some of the top-skilled worker’s traits men and women from all over the world in other to allow them to start new lives as permanent residents in Canada.


In the last seven years successful applicants such as health professionals, managers educators, artisans etc, have all taken advantage of this program one of the interesting things to note about this program is that it only takes six months to process your application once you submit your document.


If you’re a  qualified candidate after checking your eligibility you must create and submit your profile and go inside a pool with other candidates and await a selection from the government of Canada, in the most recent draw held on the 6th of July 2022 there were a total of 22,684,49 eligible applicants in the express entry port waiting for their chance to be invited to apply for permanent residence on July 6 of 2022. 1,500 applicants were invited to apply for permanent residence.


So who can participate in this program?


Eligible candidates for express entry can apply from any part of the world without having to necessarily have prior residence in Canada successful applicants are automatically issued a permanent residence status in Canada interested persons who would like to apply for express entry must meet a number of criteria.


Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to determine your eligibility.


You have to first check your CRS by using the comprehensive ranking system tool this allows you to know if you’re eligible or not if you’re eligible complete your language test and meets the minimum score of 6.5 under the Canadian language benchmark.


English test IELTS are general mostly used by candidates who live outside or inside Canada and please remember do not take IELTS academic as it cannot be used for immigration applications celpip selpi Canadian english language proficiency index program is a general test mostly for those who live inside Canada as a french test we have the tef Canada or tcf Canada which is used in assessment of french proficiency.

The step four complete your mandatory education credential assessment which is the eca this is an assessment of applications education history by independent organisation to determine it surveillance the Canadian standard without your eca report applicants cannot create their express entry profile in order to obtain an eca the applicant and their spouse if applicable must register with one of these organisations world education service international qualifications assessment services of Canada international credential evaluation services international credential assessment service of Canada others include medical council of Canada which is solely for medical doctors and pharmacy examining board of Canada this is also for pharmacists comparative education services university of Toronto school of continuing student. please be advised that the eca report should not be confused with an accreditation to practice in Canada it is mainly to assess your education credentials for immigration purposes only.


Step 5 create your express entry profile this is the official way of expressing your interest to apply for permanent residence under one of the express entry streams on bi-weekly basis top candidates are selected from the pool of applicants and are issued with an invitation to apply for permanent residence.


Step 6. submit your pr application once you receive it which is an invitation to apply you have 60 calendar days, not business days to submit all supports and documents for your permanent residence application the following are some of the costs you would secure in the application process on the processing fee is 850 Canadian dollars right or permanent residence fee is 515 Canadian dollars notes that the same fees apply to accompanying spouses if you are with a dependent child the cost is 230 Canadian dollars the needed or supporting documents include a valid passport a birth certificate language test proficiency your eca report police clearance certificates medical examinations proof of work experience proof of settlement funds etc proof of marriage if married or in common-law relationship proof of funds for your settlement etc if a candidate fails to submit a complete application within 60 days without formally declining the offer their eta will automatically expire and they will have to create a new profile and re-enter the poll once an ita which is invitation to apply is issued a candidate’s profile is automatically locked meaning he or she is no longer able to make changes in their profile once you submit to application wait on the IRCC for a final decision processing time is typically within six months from the time you submit to application misrepresentation of information can lead to the cancellation of your application and a possible five-year ban from entering the poll you should provide accurate information and documentation now that you know the processes of creating and submitting profile for express entry.


let’s take you through the three main streams under the permanent entry program the first time is the:

  • federal skilled workers program
  • the second type is the Canadian experience class which is the cec and
  • the third type is the federal skilled trades program.


let’s take you through the explanation of the three different streams of programs under the express entry program the type

1 the federal skilled worker’s program this is by far the most popular of all the three streams under the express entry program this is because it allows international applicants who do not have prior temporary resident status in Canada to apply it is open to all applicants who want to immigrate to Canada permanently as field workers the fswp eligibility criteria the requirements under the fswp include the following have a competitive CRS core by using the comprehensive ranking system tool at least a degree or a diploma at least one year of paid work experience in a full time or it’s equivalence in the last 10 years in a skilled occupation please note that the only occupations that fall under Canada’s national occupation classification code

a b 0 are eligible under this program here are the jobs for each knuckle 0 are managerial jobs no code a are professionals and not could be done note that the current noc which is the national occupation classification is based on the 2016 classification and the government plans to release the 2021 classification which might differ from the current noc classification  the next eligibility criteria is you meeting the clp which is the Canadian language benchmark for English or french language test order your eca report has an active express entry profile and select fswp, please note that a full-time job from a Canadian employer is not required but could boost your CRS score.


let’s go to the second stream of the express entry program which is the Canadian experience class cec the Canadian experience class is a more popular stream among applicants who are previous international graduate students and temporary foreign workers who have some work experience in Canada it provides a straight pathway for international graduate students mostly college and university students and foreign workers who may have no Canadian education but then hold a valid work visa to become permanent residents the eligibility criteria for the Canadian experience class include you do not need to have any background of formal education for example Tobi who lives in Ghana has no education at all one day he was able to secure a full-time factory job online on job bank got his web visa to move to Canada after working this job for one year Tobi is automatically eligible for permanent residence under

the cec the same criterion would apply to candidate b a mecca who got a work visa to migrate to Canada as an entrepreneur just as the name of this program sounds it is all about your work experience in Canada if your work experience was gained without proper authorization to work in Canada you wouldn’t be eligible any work done while enrolled as a full-time student does not count under the cec program only full-time jobs performed while on postgraduate permits pgwp or on a valid open or closed work payments as a foreign worker in Canada candidates must have at least one year of skilled professional or technical work experience under the not code a b or zero in Canada with a valid work payment the job must have been done within the last three years at a time of submitting your application you must have gained the work experience by legally working in Canada while under temporary residence leaders with authorization to work full-time ineligible candidates are refugee claimants are not eligible under this program language test requirement for jobs in the note codes 0 and e the language score clb7 is what is required for not code b a language score of clb5 is required interesting features of the Canadian experience class cec include no formal schooling or education is required no proof of funds is required faster processing time of four months in most cases since the province of Quebec does not participate in this program applicants must be willing to live outside of cubic if they apply for cec .


The third type of express entry is the federal skill trades program fstp this is the last of the streams under the express entry program it provides a direct pathway to applicants who have either skilled trades job offers or previous work experience in skilled trades to become permanent residents in Canada do note that just like Canadian

experience class formal education is not a requirement under the fstp eligibility criteria including a minimum of two years of full-time work experience in a skilled trade within the last five years before applying meets the job requirements of the skilled trade have a full-time job offer in Canada for at least one year or must

possess a certificate of qualification in the skilled trade a skilled trade must have been provided by an official Canadian authority you must meet the language proficiency criteria your job offer must fall under noc code b must be in one of these groups major group 72 which is industrial electrical and construction trades major group 73 maintenance and equipment operation trades major group 82 supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources agriculture and related production major

group 92 processing manufacturing and utility supervisors and central control operators minor group 632 which is chefs and cooks minor group 633 butchers and bakers and the language test is crb5 for speaking and listening and cr before for reading and writing settlement funds are required for this program processing time is within six months thank you for spending time to

now that you know what to do you can apply by yourself or for your family members without spending crazy money on immigration consultants or agents hurry and apply. share this Article till we come your way again.


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